Hunting from a blind

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I have an Ameristep blind and was told I could shoot my arrows through the mesh without it affecting their flight. Is that true? I would think that it WOULD affect them. Anyone have any experience with these? Thanks!


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Have you practiced with it that way? It has to affect it some! Mine says you can shoot through it but I am not taking the chance.


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I would not do it. I know they say you can, but they in the blind selling business. :bounce:

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I wouldn't take a chance --practice or not . Look what happens to arrows when they brush even the smallest leaf . too risky IMO . -- SS
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I have not practiced from that spot because it is already set up in the woods next to a food plot. The problem is, I am afraid the deer will be able to see me inside if I do not have that mesh window up because they could be as close as 15 yards from me. I have never hunted from the ground before and am sure they are more capable of picking up slight movement at their eye level.


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I bought an Ameristep Roundhouse for my boys and I to hunt out of. We practiced shooting through the mesh at a target in the backyard and it had no effect that I could see out to 20 yards, which is as far as I'll let my son shoot.

Broadhead zips right through it- pretty cool.

If you're unsure, shoot some arrows through it and see for yourself. I'd never suggest the first time you shoot out of it being at a deer.

Good luck.........


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My test results mirrored Jaspers, there was no effect of shooting a fixed blade head through the mesh. Now, a mechanical could potentially open up in flight.


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Maybe they meant it wouldn't affect the mesh ?
( Kinda like cars that don't need a tune up for 100k miles ) :eek:


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Got a different brand and it says the same thing. I don't bow hunt so I haven't tried it. It very clearly says not to use mechanicals (understandable) but it also very clearly says not to shooot a firearem through it. Should be perfect for pistol hunting in that I'll only need to leave a small portion of the mesh open. Reality is though, if you only have ONE mesh panel open, the darkness inside (my is carbon lined and black inside) would probably conceal you much more than you think and probably better than any other stand set up, even though at ground level. . Ever notice how difficult it is to see inside your house from the outside, even when the lights are on inside? If it's darker inside the blind (than outside natural light) and there is no through or back lighting, you will be very well concealed even with a mesh panel open. Even with tripods/boxes most people have windows all the way around and when you break the line of sight from the window behind you, you become very visible.
For your ground blind, I'd just leave them all closed except the one you want to shoot out of. (Assuming your set up will allow.)
Hunt/fish safely,
I agree with Phil...

...Year before last I shot a small buck from my ground blind at the range of 12 yds. This was the first time I ever hunted out of it and set it up just the afternoon before.

I had only one window open and that buck never knew what hit him. No backlighting and sitting as far from the open window as possible should keep you hidden.

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With cool weather, I could probably close a couple more windows. I had 4 of the 8 closed and sat at the back. It was just too hot to do otherwise, and I even was hunting in SHORTS. This coo4ler weather should allow me to just leave one or two open and be fine. I'll let you know how it turns out. I will probably go in the morning!