Joint supplements


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The powder that you mix with anything, usually milk is best. It really helps me. Even during the fall when I don't take the time to exercise, it just helps me to feel better. If I forget to take it, I can tell by the way I feel. I don't wish to ever quit. I don't take as much as others but I do take a scoop in the morning and one in the evening. You can get it at walmart or GNC but I have found that I can buy the premium protein powder online much much cheaper. I buy the 5lb pound kegs for about $35. Will last me about 3 months. After years of trying different kinds, I now get "Elite Gourmet" vanilla creme by Dymatize nutrition. Has all the same ingredients as the most expensive one out there, yet taste better. You know that it taste good if you still like the taste with water. It taste great with milk and good with water. That is hard to find. The better proteins are actually a blend of different proteins. Because they have different digestion rates causing you to keep it in your system longer rather than just one hour only after you take it. If you go to supplemental reviews and look at the highest ranked protein blend, this has same exact thing. I have compared labels. It is over 100$ per 5lb keg. I used to search GNC's for them when they mark them down due to becoming out of date. I could get them around $50. But now I just buy the better tasteing, equal "Elite Gourmet" for $35. I suspect that if you try it, you will never go without it again. I know I won't. I am twice as healthy the past 2 years as I was before I found this out. I hope you try it. You will be pleased
Do you still use the Elite Gourmet? I'm buying another brand of protein powder and reviving this thread thru research...