Pay it forward (please sticky)

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Several forums have a pay it forward area, some on here do as well, we need one. Mods please make this a sticky.

Here's what I think is fair (any mod is free to add/delete or change as they see fit)

Stuff posted will be free of charge and shipping will be paid for by the person offering it up.
Large/bulky items requiring extra shipping $$ may need to be worked out via PM, if you're going to need shipping money note it in your post.

If you get something off of here you should put something on here in return before or ASAP after getting something this is not meant to be a trading spot just somewhere to put up used stuff that you would like for others to use.

As soon as it is gone please modify your post to reflect that.

Lets have fun and clean out some stuff and let others use it!

:GONE:I'll start I have got a nice Whisker biscuit that someone on here gave to me and I have not used it since I went another way. I have some more stuff that'll come soon.
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I love this idea! I'll start looking for stuff to post when i get off work.
I sure could use that site for my little brothers bow. He is 14 an just getting started bow hunting. So i got him a used bow that was an older model with metal sites on it. But all the pins have broke but one.
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Remember if the gone to update your post
Pop pop I'm not sure if that is pointed to me secondary to your PM about the rest, at this time I have not yet gotten it out to him (tomorrow) I will then update the post, if he happens to come across another rest and lets me know prior to my getting it out it will be available.

I will update my post as necessary.

Thanks for your participation.
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Mine is also gone, mailed today.

I will sift thru some more gear and see if I can find something else.
pending this evening , the arrows should be gone.
I will remove the post tonight if so


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They are gone,Thanks applejuice.:cool:
Glad I could help. Nice meeting you , good luck this year !


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I have some QAD Tun A Noks in green if anyone needs the and a couple of peeps, not sure the size, one has a post on it for a tube.