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split limbs silencers gone. 10 or 15 rubbers bands would be grand.
Let me know if secondseason doesn't have what you need and I'll see if the wife has some left over from braces...
I have several older left handed compound bows that need a good home. I would love to see them go to someone that may not be able to afford to buy a bow. I'm gonna list what I can remember.

Camo Reflex solocam - GONE
Reflex Split Limb compound bow, used it for bowfishing
Bear Whitetail Legend II, strung but hasn't been shot in years
Browning Mirage - GONE
Parker Velocity - SPOKEN FOR

The Camo Reflex bow is set up ready to shoot. All others are bare bows, maybe an extra sight, rest, quiver laying around. All bows in the 50-60lb range and 28-29" draw length.

Remember all these are left handed.

I can get pics if there is any interest.
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i know it is not bow related but i have a full box of pmc 9mm ammo that i will never use i had a 9mm but sold it, also have some other ammo not sure of cal but will post as soon as i know as soon as i get home at work right know.
need a decent release

I shoot a Scott quick shot but the bearing is messing up also I have several prong style arrow rest tm hunters gold key tiger turf prob like 5 or 6 and a 3 pin truglo sight
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Ok l'll check with the wife.

Send me a PM.


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And I appreciate them.Thanks


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Looking for a pair of Limbsaver Super Quads and a black or light camo S-Coil. I have a NIP pair of Limbsaver Alpha Shox for Hoyt bows and NIP pair of solid limb dampners to trade for them. Also have a dark camo S-Coil I can trade. I have a Tru0Fire velcro release if anyone is in need of one.
Is this thread still active. I noticed there hasn't been any activity on here since November. I have several item's I was thinking of listing if anyone still uses this link.
I have a few used items if anyone needs them. First up is a Keller pendulum sight hardly used. No mounting screws. Keller sight is gone. I also have a all Metal fixed pin sight but it's not fiber optic. A x-ring hydraulic stabilizer. A gator jaw release which grabs the string above and below the nocked arrow for use without a string loop. And a TLR -75 Manuel adjust range finder. All items are gone.
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If anyone knows someone who is down on their luck and can't afford a reliable bow or wanting to get started in bow hunting. I have a Alpine Teton lite bow right hand, 29" draw, 70 lb pull with accessories it's listed in the archery section. The bow is in excellent condition the string and cable were replaced a few years ago but hasn't been shot much. had rather meet local if possible. BOW GONE!
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