Whats fun to do in Savannah

This week end the best thing to do is be in Jacksonville . To many drunks and way to many cops. But when you come try the crystal beer parlor. great price and great food. Take a dolphin tour. Bring your fishing gear an try some salt water fishing. You fish from the fishing piers. Tybee aint Savannah. Allot of good stuff to do in town. take a walking tour. The crab shack is a good place to eat and the fire was outside they are open. If you like history we got it. They are trying to ban the horse buggy tours . Some idiot hit one here about a month ago an they are trying to ban now. River street is good.Some stuff you folks from out of town people from here would not go to or we ignore the dumps.
I use to go to Tybee Island many times a yr. Havnt been in 20 yrs or more but the 90's it was my drinkin/fishin spot....Savanna I saw a hand full of times while passing thru. Im sure its changed allot. It use to resemble being way out in the country with an ocean


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The most fun thing was getting out alive. The P.D. advised me not to go more than 1 block off River Street.


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Crab shack on Tybee is a must.
It's decent. I think it's highly overrated, especially for the small fortune you will spend. That proximity to the coast, it should be about half what you pay.

I give you this as a former 3 year resident of Coastal Florida.

Fishing there is pretty good if you have time to wet a hook.


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I enjoyed the guy that could play anything on the trumpet, he played on river street as the diner cruise was getting off the ship. IT WAS FREE


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They may still be cleaning up after this week's St Patrick's Day festivities from what I've seen reported on the news. Place got wrecked.
Take a ride on the River boat at night. Eat somewhere downtown at a good place and skip the meal on the boat. Go ahead and get you a good seat on the upper deck and get ready for the music and dancing and adult beverage it you like.


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I like the food at the Pirates House.

Some say the building was a pub back in the day where men were Shanghaid