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Stumbled on about 10 woodcock today while riding my farm. I’ve never hunted them but I know some of y’all do. We’ve had this property about 4 years and this is the first time I’ve seen woodcock. I hunt deer, Turkey and dove on this tract and I have never seen woodcock until today. I don’t know much about them and I’m not quite sure how rare it is to see them and I was wondering if we should try to leave them be the best we can.
check those same areas when the season is in next year. They are migratory and may be passing through late but often times, good habitat will hold some during the season.


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Ive seen a few during deer season on our property in Lumpkin County. They are odd.


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A few nest in Georgia. Six has a thread "Nature" in the Turkey forum with a photo of one on the nest near Eufala. Those could be natives, but that many, if individuals, some are probably migratory. You may have actually seen fewer individual birds as when they get up, they often don't fly far on the first flush only to flush again when disturbed. Gil
Agree with Gil. Ten woodcock in a group during the winter would be outstanding. This time of year you were probably close to a resident nesting site. Unless all ten flushed at one time then put me on the list to accompany you on a hunt this upcoming season.
My guess is they are females in no hurry to head north. We have had two blizzards now in April and the weather hasn't been stable. Found birds March 28th (males) but got 15" of snow on April 3rd. It kinda melted but we got another 12" last night and today. Last weekend heading out to run the dogs there was a single male sitting in the road on the only bare ground he could find and didn't want to leave it cause he didn't want to sit in the snow. Tough to make a living up north right now if you're a woodcock.
We have a year-round population here in the mountains, but there are a lot of migrants here in the winter, too.