Hunting terrain preference?

What is your favorite terrain to hunt?

  • Woods...I mean all woods, pines and hardwoods

    Votes: 51 58.0%
  • Farms....working farms, peanuts, cotton, soy, corn

    Votes: 17 19.3%
  • Swamps....yep, down in there!

    Votes: 20 22.7%

  • Total voters

coon dawg

GONetwork Member

I thought I smelled somethin' "off colored" when I got back!! :hair: :hair: :D .........well, that's better than if I had found a GREEN SHIRT layin in one. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


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be careful what you wish for

I was thinking about leaving a green shirt at the entrance to my area. a "dividing line" if you will. Maybe our doe fines could be used to construct an outhouse at the 4 way. ::gone: