illinois from the tree!

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Its that time again. We are rolling through TN right now. Should be there around lunch and maybe just maybe in a tree this eve although its raining up there right now.

This year me, bubbabuck and May are joined by qturn and later in the week jeff phillips and redtail. We are here bow hunting till next friday and then 3 days of smokepoles! We are hunting with Joe and Dean at Rivers Bend Trophy Outfitters again will be filming for Southern Backwoods Adventures.

The weather and the rut should be PERFECT!!! Calling for 20's and 40's everyday and the bucks are chasing right now!

Keep checking back here and we will give updates in real time straight from the tree. Later


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If you are driving lay that blackberry down and drive, OK;)

I look forward to yallls reports


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hey Jim I just got back last night and yall are hitting it at prime time. We saw smaller bucks chasing when we got there, had decent weather and on the 11th the light switch turned on and you started seeing the big boys show up. Good luck and stick a big un.

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Next year i think you need to take some guests (me and anybody else that just feels they need to volunteer to take the camera and give you your gun):rolleyes: Best of luck to all of you kill a big one for us!:cool:


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Well we are here at the lodge now. Raining pretty good. When we got here we rode one of the farms and saw a few does and a small spike. There were several trees that had just been slap torn up with rubs!! Not a half a mile from the lodge we saw a solid white doe in a pasture. I got a picture of her as she was running away. If it turned out decent I'll try to get the pic up later. Should be in the 20s here in the morning. There'll be eight of us here at the lodge. There is a deer in the cooler now that should go 150.

Stay tuned!!


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Hey JT, if ya get one shoot in the air 3 times so we know it's you and we'll come a runnin


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Good Luck, You are killing me, its gonna be wed. before I get to head up. I hope its going to be perfect for the muzzleloader hunt.
Red Tail and I will be hammer down on Thursday!

Man I can't wait:banana: