Posting links - google “wraps” stuff vs direct link

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Just something that I’ve noticed lately, as I use an iPhone for posting stuff.

When googling stuff and posting, lately, and for a while now, if you click the link, then cut and paste, there is a google wrapper around the actual article. On an iPhone, it makes navigating a little more difficult, but it also keeps you “on google” and not the site you may want. There has got to be some benefit to google but i am more concerned if there is more tracking.

Anyway, see how this looks. Here is the same link, one wrapped by google and the other direct.

And NOT wrapped in google.

Again, I am not exactly sure what google is up to here, but it’s not usually for my benefit.

Something you may wish to consider when posting links.

If you examine the text of the link, you can see the parts to manually edit out if you want to do it that way.
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Bump here. Noticed a bunch of these lately.

Not sure what google gets from it, but don’t figure it could be good especially with recent events.

If your interested about editing the google parts out of links, they’re easy to edit. As noted above.