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I was pretty impressed with the customer service at Buck N Bass today in Buford, GA. A friend of mine recommended them. I purchased a target for my crossbow and I am not sure if they misunderstood when I made my initial purchase or what, but the target that they sold me did NOT work for my crossbow. I took it back with the bolts still in the target. They spent 30 minutes recovering the bolts carefully, gave me a target more suitable for my needs and took excellent care of me. I will be visiting them again.
Outdoor depot

And another thumbs up for Outdoor depot in Gainesville. Went in for the first time, looking to drop bow off for new string and by/change my cam to a 28. Dropped what they were doing ands got me setup and out the door. I am picky and they did a great job. I will be going back. they also did a Cam swap instead of charging me. I was expecting to pay for the cam since all other shops told me they could not swap them.



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Money mizer pawn in Macon

I can say without a doubt that money mizer pawn in macon has the best bow tech in the area! Trey knows his stuff!
Mitches Archery Canton GA

Just back into archery after a 15 year break due to life and kids. Mitches archery set me up with a new Mathews Creed XS and man am I diggin it. Be out there next year gettin my hunt on and possibly a few 3D shoots.
A few weeks ago we were talking about bow shops and guys we use to tune and set up our bows. I made comment I took mine all the way back to WV because I could not fine a bow tech in Georgia who would put the time into setting a bow up.....well by accident I found a fella I think yall should know about.

I found Randy on accident looking for a new bow target. He had some blob style targets up for sale on another forum. I decided I would take one and gave the number a call and left a voice mail. Randy called me back within the hour and takes the time to explain all about the targets, there make up, weight, stopping name it. Now mind you I was already sold on the target before he called, but he took the time to tell me everything about it.
He also explains to me he tunes bows, makes arrows, etc and works from him home in Woodstock. I tell him of some issues I was having with my Hoyt and he asks if I could please bring it with me he would like to look at it if I did not mind.
I made a appointment with him and when I showed up Randy greeted me at his door. His shop is in his basement, and is very organized and neat. I handed him my Hoyt and he started to check a few things such as draw weight, tiller, and cam lean. Now what made a difference to me is he did not just say well ya need this or that he took the time to "show" me what was off on the bow.
I was already looking for someone to install my new set of strings and cables so I left it with him and he called me today and said its ready come on by!

He just does not tune it and say here ya go...he makes what he calls a "map of the bow" that has ever measurement on the bow, arrow weight, crono speed.etc! He took the the time when i got there to go over everything he done step by step. He then had me shoot a few times to see how it felt before he adjusted my peep....and it honestly felt like a different bow! I was amazed!

He switched me from a 500 size shaft to a bigger 400 and got me 35fps faster then what I had been shooting!

Needless to say if you need anything done to your hunting or 3D rig you need to give Randy a call. He can also get you anything you would need from arrows, rests, etc. He is also a Obsession Bow dealer.
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Randy Cooper

Few pics of my rig

Paper tune



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Josh of Legacy outdoors in downtown Cartersville is an extremely knowledgeable mechanic on just about ALL MAKES. His bow labor and string labor are a $DEAL$. He is also a nice guy with a good attitude!
I agree. I met him today. Seems very knowledgable and great to talk to. I will recommend him to everyone I know. Nice shop also with an indoor range.
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Randy Cooper
I want to second this guy. I've had real trouble with the shops in cumming over the past few years and meeting Randy was like meeting an old friend. He's not just some shop out to get your money and he's got tons of knowledge to share. He's also got some great products like the previously mentioned blob targets at a steal of a price. He heard my needs initially and went over my whole setup with a fine tooth comb to ensure I would walk away with exactly what I needed. My bow shoots like a dream now.

I got the bow home and was just checking my sight with some old easton jazz arrows I had laying around.

The results speak for themselves.

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I want to add to the above post!
Just want to let people know of a great bow shop and a super nice guy,
NonTypical Archery in Woodstock Georgia. I live in Maryland, and have no trust worthy pro shops near me, so a friend told me about a guy (Randy Cooper) that has a shop at his house in Georgia, that is a wizard when it comes to bows and is also an Obsession bow dealer. So I emailed Randy told him what I wanted and what accessories . He suggested some other things that I would have never considered that will save me money and end up with a better bow. I was blow away! I never had a shop under sell you on things, they always want to up sell. The man has a real passion for what he does. He kept in touch with me every week while my bow was on order, and when he received my bow from Obsession, I don't know who was more excited, him or me! Sorry to write a novel, it's not very often you come a cross a man that treats his customers the way he does! Please give him a call or email if you need anything for your bow, or a great tune, know matter if you live a cross the country or are a local from Georgia, this is a stand up guy and we need to help little shops like his thrive in the new world of the big box store!
Wayne Ayers

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Randy Cooper
Chatsworth Pawn & Sporting Goods
300 s 3rd ave.
chatsworth, ga 30705

I work here and would love to have a chance at your business!
we're an obsession bows dealer also. They will shock you.

my names berto. give me a shout!

205 Cherokee Springs Way, Woodstock, GA 30188

I saw an ad on here for blob targets and met a gentleman named Randy Cooper. While I was picking it up I learned that Randy also was a bow technician.

His shop is in his house, so he doesn't have the added expense of other retailers and his prices are very reasonable. I recently had both my Bowtech 82 Airborne and my daughter's Martin Mystic tuned at Randy Cooper's shop. I could not be more pleased with the service. He tuned, chrono'd, paper tested and synchronized the cams. Both bows are dead on target and the problem with the lack of valley on my Airborne is finally solved. I highly recommend Randy, especially if you live in Woodstock, Alpharetta, Roswell, Canton, Kennesaw or Marietta. He even gave my daughter a few pointers. I think you will like taking your bow to Randy. He is a super nice guy who really takes pride in his work and will treat your bow as if it were his own.
Went to Legacy Outdoors in cartersville today to get my new bowtech experience set up today. Josh is a great guy and was very helpful. I wouldn't necessarily go in there if you're looking for accessories, as he doesn't stock very much (new store), but I will definitely use him in the future for labor and to see if he can order accessories for me. Very, very affordable labor rates!



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Went to Legacy Outdoors in cartersville today to get my new bowtech experience set up today. Josh is a great guy and was very helpful. I wouldn't necessarily go in there if you're looking for accessories, as he doesn't stock very much (new store), but I will definitely use him in the future for labor and to see if he can order accessories for me. Very, very affordable labor rates!

Josh is a great bow technician. He set up my Invasion and it shot bullet holes before I left. Ordered two dozen arrows, broad heads, new string & cables...everything cut tuned and installed for me. Good turn times on orders!
I travel about an hour (one way) to trade with him.
Tree Top Archrey
879 Kingsbridge Rd, Carrollton, GA 30117
(770) 836-8891
They set up the bow you buy for you at the store.
Its a smaller store.

Is the target your bow is laying on happen to be called the "BLOB"


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Northside Pawn

Northside Pawn

Columbus, GA
Mathews, Mission, and Bear Dealer. Great Prices and do incredible work.

1648 Manchester Expressway
Columbus, GA 31904-6700
(706) 322-0561
Just found out today that Jerry has retired and Northside is getting out of the Archery business. Sending most of their stuff to the Macon store. I was entertaining the idea of shooting some Carbon Express arrows since they where the closest dealer, guess I'll scratch that idea.
Social circle ace hardware Steve and Kenneth set all my bows up.
Kris87 is also a great bow tech, I had a problem I needed fixed asap and he took care of it and showed me some stuff as well.
Tracker1: makes great strings, all my bows have Apache strings on them.