walked up on dying deer today what should I do?

I always thought the hooves issue meant they had it before and survived.
That's right. Chronic EHD causes sloughing hooves and acute disease kills them before that happens.


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I found a dead young buck back in late Feb or early Mar. Mr. Killmaster put me in touch with a state specialist who came the next day and removed the glands under the jaw. He said he would send them off to the main office for testing. I asked that he would let me know the results.
After not hearing anything for a couple of months I texted the specialist to find out what they found. He said he still had the material and would have it tested as soon as they had enough to make the trip to the main office worth while.
In late July, having not heard back I again texted to inquire. He responded that they had just delivered their collection.
Here we are mid Sep. and still no word.
Not trashing anyone in DNR, but it seems to me that if they want our help in finding and reporting dead animals, they should be a little more prompt in analizing the specimens they collect.
A text back to the finder would also be nice.
I admire the folks at DNR and support their good work, don’t get me wrong.
If you find a dead deer that looks suspicious, surely report it. But it seems it may take a while to get an answer back.
I guess I need to be more patient.