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I don't want to kill coons, foxes or cats. Nor do I like to make an animal suffer for any prolonged amount of time. GW
This is the mentality of so many people. For some reason every time "trapping" is mentioned, people think of monstrous bear size traps with jagged toothed jaws.

With today's offset modern traps, 90+ % of catches result in no foot damage whatsoever in my experience. I've released coons, possums, and dogs completely unharmed. In all my trapping, I've only had 2 animals with any damage, both with traps I don't like to use anymore. One was a coyote that barely caught toes, and one coon back leg. I don't like that either and have changed some things to hopefully prevent that in the future.

But animals suffer much longer when hunters shoot and wound them but they don't die from it. Pick your poison. Whether you hunt or trap, the best you can do is keep getting better at it so that you minimize suffering.

Even the DNR in some states uses foot hold traps to study, tag, and release foxes and other such animals.

But, of course, it's totally up to you what you decide, I was just saying that trapping will be more effective.

I'm not the authority on tactics for hunting coyotes, but if you post a new thread asking SPECIFIC questions as to techniques someone will be able to help you.
Giving coyote hunting a try for the first time. There's a coyote hunt open on Pinelog WMA right now. My questions are, do I have to wear orange while hunting yotes? And, what do you guys do with them after you kill them?
new to trapping

Hey ya'll i am just starting to trap have some question if you don't mined first do you sale your pelts if so what is the biggest pelts that sale. and if they sale how would i go about paying taxes on the money I thank you for your help. i thought about coon & coyote, bob cat we have lot on our hunting club.
.22 rimfires, or smaller, air rifles, and muzzle-loading firearms for bobcat and fox.

Coyotes- Any caliber you wish to use. No limit.

Seasons- Hunting
Fox and bobcat - Dec. 1 to Feb. 28.
Racoon- Northern 1 per day and Southern zone 3 per day Oct. 15 - Feb. 28

Mink, Otter, Fox, Opossum, Muskrat, Skunk, Bobcat, and Weasel.
Dates Dec. 1 - Feb 28 No Limit.

Hog- Year around, no limit, Any caliber.

Hope i covered it all.
This needs to be updated as the rules have changed since then you can use centerfires again for fox and bobcat
Dollar General has a cat toy that. I bought for about $10. It has a bunch of feathers on a plastic rod that sticks up 1' and spin back and forth has a heavy base that sits on the ground