southern words

Uncle Versy was on the mend so went to hoin the garden, took a backset with his back. Oughtin to know bettern that.
That gal was finer frog hair. So there I sat grinnin like a day possum eatin a sweet tater and told her to slide on over and give us some sugar.
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Wife and I grew up in Eastern NC.

She has a sexy Southern accent that I truly love. People we meet often often assume she's from 'round here and ask where I'm my normal speech is fairly devoid of accent. I suppose that's from my work life.

Things shift gears mightily, though, after a few beers 'n shots. My bride and others say it's evident I'm from the woods at that point. I guess it all comes out then when I relax bigtime. :)

She had me laughing hugely the other day. We were home alone and had put away Christmas decorations and I had moved some furniture back into place. Later on that evening we were planning on spending an evening together on the sofa and watch a good movie. Had mixed her a drink....and was getting into another beer myself. Walking back to the den...shortcut through the dining room and stubbed my toe on planter that had been moved back.

I can't remember what I actually swore out......but after a few minutes I'd iced it down...and determined it wasn't broken.

We got into the movie and had paused for a vacuum break. I was limping back into the den and heard her laughing and murmuring. "Whatcha cackling at woman?".

She began to do an impersonation of me after cracking my toe. It was rife with some bigtime country sayings and heaps of cussin'. She had us both laughing.

I'd post some of that she said....but the profanity filter wouldn't be happy.