Hunting and holsters

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I'll start by saying I have probably wasted more money on holsters than any other accessory. I almost never use them at the range. When I concealed carry I always pocket carry with a pocket holster. Saying that, what do you guys use to carry your large revolvers when you deer hunt? I have been putting my Blackhawk in a fanny pack I use like a small backpack. I like the looks of the hunters choice chest rig($200). I just have the sneaking suspicion I would probably never actually use it. Do you guys find any utility with holsters from a deer stand?


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Sometimes I do, other times I don`t. It works well either way.
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Hoss, does the one from sportmans guide have a belt loop of some sort? Saw it online. Half the price of guides choice and available in left hand. Just didn't see where the lower end had an attachment.


Yeah, I think you could climb with it. It doesn't have an attachment to the belt. That is the one draw back that I've had with it. I will figure out some way to attach it, just haven't come up with it yet. Overall, it has meet my needs.



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I had 2 of the basket weave made for me by Triple K Saddlery. I wanted thumb breaks and the option of wearing crossdraw. And lefthanded to boot. One is for my Super Blackhawk, the other for my Single Six. I don't care for a belt holster while hunting anymore. That hammer will mess up a wood stock real quick. Plus at my age the SBH is just to much weight on my hips and lower back.
The nylon shoulder holster I've had for over 10 years now and it's the one I carry now when hunting. It's ambidextrous, came with a belt clip, and can be worn under the arm or across the chest. Fits under a coat without being in the way. Hangs over the handlebars on my ATV. Just a lot more useful than a belt holster.
I think this came from Triple K also, but I've seen them around the web. And they won't break the bank either.



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I agree, that's a fine looking outfit PD. I especially like the position of the holster and gun butt. It's right where you can get your hand on it and out of the holster quick.


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yea the guys in Alaska like them to carry a pistol when there fishing with waders on for bears you can adjust it up high enough where you can get to it