Late Season in IL...Live From The Tree 2012!

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Part 2 of our big one is about to come to a close soon so i will finish up here.

As you all know its been a tough season...but yeah i ain't thru! I still have roughly 12 hunts left to get it done here in Illinois. Altho I'm looking for a beast i may pick up another doe tag or 2 as yotes :D

Y'all hang on cause its finally gotten better in the weather department! Well update when i get in a tree


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Good Luck JT!

Hopefully the weather turning will get the older bucks moving to feed.
Good luck JT, got a slight weather change in Ga also,
Sumn about 70degrees and skeeters in Dec just ain't right!
Ready for some cooler temps!
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Back on stand and tied in!

I am sitting in a lil lockon on the south east corner of a woodlot butted up against crp and a small thick willow being area. To the south and over a levy is a massive cut corn field. And to the ne another massive cut corn field.

It was 27 at the house and 22 here in the bottoms....finally! Wind is light and from the west.

Btw all the bucks i saw in the n crp lockon last week came straight this direction. Can't load pics from here butt will do what i can for updates.

Yep...its breaking light people!


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Go get'm JT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Get it done Jim. I will have to post sometime about the Oklahoma 140 inch buck that I messed up on. :(:(
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Got a location pic to load up.

Just like last week in here i now have 2 bucks about halfway between me and the north crp stand. They are again playing footsie with each other. Now all i need is for that old busted up buck to Conner check them out and then head my way again...

Mike you gotta post up the story! 11-12-12_06-23-02.jpg
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2 does made the mistake of trying to slip by these young bucks unnoticed. Didn't work and the chase was on. The biggest of the 2 was a 2 yr old 8 with good brows already. Nobody in bow range.

Gotta be some does coming in for 2nd rut bout now
Get em Jt! I would have loved some cooler weather while we were there dropped my 8 off at taxidermist yesterday 138 2/8 green score and aged at 5.5 by jaw bone
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Congrats again Shayne!

Altho I'll nvr complain about only seeing 4 deer with chasing and sparring...its very quiet in here right now.

And yeah Quinn...three thermos is locked and loaded brother:fine:
Keeping up. Good luck guys. My season has started out about like ya'lls LFTT has gone. Dry and hot does not work good for us at all. Thermocell getting a workout in December:crazy::crazy: