Tell me or show me your varmit rifle


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i got kinda handcuffed the other day , i had my rem 788 in .243 .. but in all the excitement i forgot to turn my scope down from 12x and two came running in @ about 15yds.. i only got one so i got to thinking i need a semi auto. so i used that excuse to go get a mini 14 . right now just iron sights with a grn lazer on barrel .. waiting for it to cool a little and i'm gonna have some fun w/ the yotes and hogs;)
There is a reason the 30 carbine was not a legal deer round for awhile and it ought to be prohibited for use on anything other than dillows opossum and coons. Just my 2 cents on it can you kill things with it sure but it just does not get the job done
Thanks for replying. That was my thought also on the M1 carbine. Some of my friends have recommended a 300 Blackout. That seems like a better choice. Or the AK, which I have.
My problem now is finding/contacting someone more experienced than me in hog or coyote hunting that will let me go with them a time or two to learn the fine points.