6 day Live From The Tree..Jt and Bubba in IL!!!

You guys up and at em???
I am in a hardwood creek bottom this Mornin, jenkins county. Need to be whooped for how late I got in though. Oh well I'm here.
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Haven't heard from Bubba yet...as usual. Course I may have given him the wrong sunrise time last night too lol

Hope he is in a tree but ain't looking good.

Update soon


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Good Luck !!!!! Hope yall bring down the sweet beast!!!!!!!Bubba can we get a update!!!!! Looks like you may get alittle soaked this morning!!!!!
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nuttin yet...had one behind me earlier but to thick to see.....canopy is thickkkkkkkk!..... only two squirrelys so far!... acorns fallin to my right at 15 yds....which way are persimmons if im facing up hill?

Also said he can't get web to load.
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three bucks just came by!.... possible shooter with trash all over...real tall...followed by a couple of 2.5 eights....on hill between me and fence lockon now!

Never closer than 60 yrds
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Btw the fence lock on he mentioned is where redtail had a beast encounter a couple years back...also bubba is just 75 yards from he famous trash pile stand from my 108 day adventure in 2010!
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.. could have been kicker?.... couldnt get good look but looked alot like him


Kicker is a beast he had several late season encounters with last year.

Ok I have a meeting startin. Will update if I can


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service!!..... im in lockon at base of mature hardwoods....nasty grown up pasture 100 yds above me and crops 100 behind me....great trails xing in front and behind me....54 and breezy waitin on rain......3 bucks so far with lead buck possibly a shooter?....Great to finally be back in a midwest tree!!.....gadestr...glad u are getting out dude!.... felly, bthf....glad when can do it again!.....I Love this stuff!!!


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I'm sitting in a boring training class in Texas, this will sure help the time pass. Oh how I wish i was in a tree though.
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Good.luck lshe

If you can manage the hunt and the posting we will have a huge lftt running g...post up brother
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Just talked to bubbie...he hasn't seen much more
Will get down in a few and mark a tree on a fence crossing that we walked last year.

Be back soon
Congrats on starting ya'lls season with deer activity which included some boney headed whitetails. Looking forward to what the afternoon brings for ya'll & hope ya'll have to defend yourselves & shoot your way out to get off your stands & back to the truck in the evening. Appreciate all the updates this morning.