IT'S ON! JT and Bubba Live From The Tree 23 days all over the midwest

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Folks its that time!!!!

Bubba and I just pulled into webster county kentucky to spend a handful of days looking for a sweet beast or a fine banana head or 3. we are hunting on brad nelsons (knobrad on here) DIY property. bubba hunted here last year and was absolutely covered up in midwest beasts but couldnt put it together. so we are here for round 2

when we leave here we are meeting up with woodys member sundays money for our first ever trip to KS.

when we leave there we head back home to gallatin county IL and meeting up with some old and new woodys friends for 9 days of bow and smokepole killin! Qturn, hogman3 and rjk187, blu and uga94 will all swing into new haven for that trip.

that should about do it, although when thats over and everyone heads home I may end up still in a tree like last year:D

yall post your updates on here whether from home or on the road. its always fun...even if the deer decide not to cooperate

good friends, good eats, good hunting and maybe a toddy in the evenings...

its gonna be great, yall hang on...


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YeeeeeeeHaaaaaaw! Go get'em! I am so jealous of you guys. I get goose bumps just thinking about all those consective days, and trips chasing whitetails. :biggrin2:
Best of Luck to each one of you Early Risers....

Stay safe, stay covered up in deer, stay thirsty, and keep the live updates rolling....
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Kevin we stayed in a hotel when we hunted up there where you are. In ky and ks we have a farm house and in illinois everybody stays in the new haven chalet that I call home:D

We are done Hanging stands and scoutin and then climbin in

Load up boys its time!
Thanks for the good news. Look forward to ya'll getting covered up in whitetail action. Glad it's official now that "it's on".



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First evening...

Its warm @ 63 and the south wind is steady in the high teens and gustin higher. Its blowing dead in my face. I'm in a climber @ the base of a hardwood ridge with a huge over grown field in front of me. Nice big scrape 20 yards in front and a huge oak dropping lots of supper. The sign in here is good!

Bubba is in what we call the chute. His lockon is just in the edge of hardwoods with a tight little bottle necked foodplot in front.

We know the bucks are here from cams and from last season although they haven't showed so far this year.

Yall keep em crossed that a fat nanny or old beast shows up...



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Yep, we are back at peeps, and its gonna be large and a blast to be sure! in the same spot as a couple weeks ago and was covered in does every evening.....need the ladies in here this evening cause the boys should be in tow with love on their minds! !........already had a ground hog, 6 toms, and 3a hens with me......bring on the nannies!.....We are going to hunt our butts off for some 22gas days folks!! we go!
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gonna have to remedy the battery situation. i ordered a n extralife batt a week or so ago, but its a no show:( will update as long as ican and as long as get recept. down to half now!

no deer so far, heck no animals so far but the sun is dropping and i just had some of the finest pbcrackers ever tasted :bounce:

here deer deer deer deer.....
Gonna follow along and maybe throw in a update frm Ohio starting next weekend! Good luck Jim and Bubba!


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Wind is howling and getting cooler.....may not have enuff on?.......nuttin since the toms for me but its almost time....come on nannies and hold on batteries!
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